How to get your book reviewed on amazon

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how to get your book reviewed on amazon

Memoir Authors - Marketing: Getting reviews for your book Showing 1-50 of 98

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Published 02.08.2019

5 Free Amazon Book Promotions: How to Promote Your Book with No Money

Imagine the day of your book launch. Yet the days pass Needless to say, you'll want people to buy and read your book ASAP so they can leave you some good reviews.

How To Get Book Reviews On Amazon

Most of us have been there. I struggled with it for years ; hell, I only cracked the code in , after heading down the review rabbit hole hard. That being said, if you have no reviews, or are staring at two reviews with a 3. Only the ice-water of harsh experience convinced me otherwise. A la Facebook likes, Amazon reviews quickly become a vanity metric. That being said, is having or reviews better than 50?

They have double-opted-in to receive books from us in exchange for their honest review. While we cannot guarantee that they will write a review for every book they download, we do have safeguards in place to minimize freeloaders. Our readers are NOT compensated, incentivized, nor required to leave a review. They are also NOT influenced to leave a biased review. Readers simply use BookSirens to discover free books in exchange for their honest, voluntary review.

However, how does a new author get those crucial Kindle book reviews that will help to drive up sales? But what about the rest of us? Did you know that certain Amazon shoppers make their contact information public willingly? More importantly, these same shoppers also like to leave book reviews for free. Inside of your own Amazon account, you have the ability to put your email address in there and make it public. Now before you freak out about the potential of your email being seen publicly, you have to actively go in there and actively make it public.

Writing and self-publishing a book is hard work. As is marketing that book before and after launch. Find out how to get reviews on Amazon with the following tips:.
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Why You SHOULD Bother

Every author wants to get more book reviews on Amazon. - Book reviews are what make or break you as an author and since Amazon is the leader in book retailers, getting reviews on Amazon is even more important.

Book reviews are important because 1 Books with reviews sell more copies, 2 Many book promotion sites require a minimum number of reviews to use their service and 3 Verified reviews are an additional metric Amazon can use to promote your book. Most resources about getting book reviews recommend: Sending out advanced review copies ARCs to readers Asking family and friends to review your book Soliciting bloggers and popular Amazon reviewers to review your book. These tactics can work but they have some drawbacks: 1 it takes a lot of time, 2 you have no guarantee that you will actually get reviews, 3 the reviews may not be verified or may be from a person who is not your target reader which can confuse the Amazon algorithm and 4 Amazon may pull the reviews done if they suspect the reviews are not legitimate. Running a book promotion is a proven way to get reviews. Unfortunately, many book promotion sites will not run your book until you have reviews. It is the dreaded chicken and egg problem many authors face: you need reviews to get sales, but you need sales to get reviews.

When you hop onto Amazon and see a book or any product with a lot of reviews, how do you think they got there? Most people assume that the book is popular if a lot of people are reading it and enjoying it, they must be leaving reviews. I should know even before my recent relaunch with Morgan James Publishing , there were over 1, copies of Book Blueprint in circulation, and hardly any of those sales and giveaways led to reviews. In most cases, when a book has more than a handful of reviews, those reviews have been solicited. One of the most frequent questions I get when it comes to soliciting book reviews is, is it ethical? Is it ethical to ask people to leave a review for your book?

Can I write a Customer Review of my own book? You can't write a review of your own book, but there are other ways to communicate with your readers on Amazon. If so, that author isn't eligible to write a Customer Review for that book. Please review our Customer Review Guidelines for more information. Can I ask my family to write a Customer Review for my book? Customer Reviews provide unbiased product feedback from fellow shoppers and aren't to be used as a promotional tool.

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