michael d antonio net worth In the summer of 2015, as he vaulted to the lead among the many GOP candidates for president, Donald Trump was the only one dogged by questions about his true intentions. This most famous American businessman had played the role of provocateur so often that pundits, reporters, and voters struggled to believe that he was a serious contender. Trump stirred so much controversy that his candidacy puzzled anyone who applied ordinary political logic to the race. But as Michael DAntonio shows in Never Enough, Trump has rarely been ordinary in his pursuit of success and his trademark method is based on a logic that begins with his firm belief that he is a singular and superior human being.As revealed in this landmark biography, Donald Trump is a man whose appetite for wealth, attention, power, and conquest is practically insatiable. Declaring that he is still the person he was as a rascally little boy, Trump confesses that he avoids reflecting on himself because I might not like what I see and he believes most people arent worthy of respect.A product of the media age and the Me Generation that emerged in the 1970s, Trump was a Broadway showman before he became a developer.

freedom road howard fast chapter summaries Theres so much i want to say, about not only this book but Howard Fast in general, but time is not permitting at the moment. Ill just say for now that I feel that he was and is simultaneously one of the most prolific and successful as well as one of the most slandered and mistreated of American writers. Most of his work was effectively buried under the landfill of political hypocrisy that covered the nation during the McCarthy era. As evidence to this statement, The American, which is the wonderful book that led me to Howard Fasts work is not even available here on Goodreads, nor on Amazon, nor on Barnes and Noble searches. If Ive mis-searched in that regard, perhaps someone will set me right.

robert faulcon night hunter series (Full review 11/23/18)Known as The Stalking in the UK, this is the first volume of Robert (Mythago Wood) Holdstocks pseudonymously-written horror series, Night Hunter, which would go on to total six books in all. The first five were pumped-out every few months in 83 and 84, old-fashioned serial novel-style, then fans had to wait three years for the final entry. I sincerely hope it was able to get a proper ending and wasnt just canceled by the publisher mid-story, as I definitely plan on continuing on with the rest. Considering the entire set has been reprinted a few times over the years, Id venture to guess that it was completed (Im too nervous about spoilers to look much further into it).First off, this may be the very definition of a 3 star novel -- its super-pulpy and cliched as all hell, but you know what. I love pulp and cheese and well-worn tropes in my horror, at least when done well, as it was here.

kingdom hearts 2 volume 3 manga Continuing on with the story of KH2, this volume goes more into depth the adventures of Sora and the gang, and we get a closer look at some of the gaps in the story that the game left behind. Some of these gaps include what happened prior and after Axel kidnapped Kairi; Axels inner conflict; Kairis confidence that sparks her mission to protect her friends, especially Sora, thus showing some similarity to Riku in that way; and more adventures with some classic Disney characters! Overall, I think it was kind of fun comparing the books with the video games that Ive played three or more times. Definitely a must-read for any Kingdom Hearts fan or people who are looking to get started in the series (just start with the KH1 series first)!.