most haunted house in england borley rectory A very enlightening book of what was considered to be Englands most haunted house. This was based on the actual experiences and experiments conducted by Harry Price, himself. While I found much of it to be very interesting, it was extremely repetitious. Almost all of the evidence was the same, and nothing was ever really proven.Also, there was one part of the book (view spoiler) that was left--bafflingly--open-ended.

a man called peter marshall Filled with humor, wisdom and loving detail, the powerful story of Peter Marshalls life has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people. It is a book about love - the love between a dynamic man and his God, and the tender love between a man and the woman he married. It is also the gripping adventure of a poor Scottish immigrant who became chaplain of the United States Senate and one of the most revered men in America. A Man Called Peter became the number-one best-seller when it was published in 1951, and around the world lives were changed by reading of the chaplains remarkable faith. In the foreword to this book, Peters son writes, Even when [Dads] words were preached secondhand. in the movie version of A Man Called Peter, they had an amazing effect on people.Through Peters story and the compelling sermons and prayers included in A Man Called Peter, you will discover insight into God, man, and life on earth and hereafter.

trinity united church of christ app In 2008 a media firestorm erupted when snippets of Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr.s sermons were picked up by media outlets around the world. At that time presidential candidate Barack Obama was a member of Wrights church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Wrights words were frequently used to question the patriotism of Obama. The scrutiny over Obama and Wrights relationship made Trinity UCC a flashpoint in the 2008 campaign.The Moment tells the inside story of Trinity UCC during this time of turmoil.

4 pillars of good governance A comprehensive guide to transforming boards and achieving best-practice governance in any organisation.When practising good governance, the board is the vital driver of organizational success, while fostering positive social impact and economic value creation. At all levels, executives around the world are faced with complexities rising from disruptive business models, new technologies, socio-economic changes, shifting political circumstances, and an array of other sources. The Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness is the comprehensive manual for attaining best-in-class governance, offering pragmatic guidance on improving board quality, accountability, and performance.This authoritative volume identifies the four dimensions, or pillars, which are crucial for establishing and maintaining best-practice boards: the people involved, the information architecture, the structures and processes, and the group dynamics and culture of governance. This methodology can be applied to any board in the world, corporate or non-profit organization, regardless of size, sector, industry, or context. Readers are introduced to a fictitious senior board member - an amalgamation of board members from well-known organisations - and follow her as she successfully handles real-life challenges with effective governance.