Form follows fiasco why modern architecture hasn t worked

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form follows fiasco why modern architecture hasn t worked

Better Reading Spanish: A Reader and Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written Spanish by Jean Yates

Many learners want to improve their knowledge of a language - but dont want to speak the language (perhaps they are inhibited or dont plan to travel). For these learners, the most appropriate medium for language use is reading and the most measurable benchmark of success is the ability to read authentic sources. This book aims to satisfy the unmet needs of these learners.
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Why Modern Architecture SUCKS

Thank you! Who today will argue that the functionalist aesthetic yielded such decidedly unfunctional results as antiseptic Brasilia and--at more removes--impoverished Pruitt-Igoe?
Jean Yates

Form follows fiasco : why modern architecture hasn't worked

Most of these percepts had been developed in Europe and in the United States between and by a handful of extraordinary pioneers whose visions dominated our lives, first as students and then as practitioners. Five years later I began to realize that very little that my generation of architects had absorbed in and out school made any particular sense. We knew that our beautiful diagrams have failed us, our clients, our art, and our time; but we had not, as yet, come with any persuasive alternatives. Without it - and without the technological innovations that have made it possible - most of the new concepts in urban design developed in the first decades of the century would bite the dust. Le Corbusier's vision of Radiant City - a community of tall buildings spaced far apart in a parklike setting - depended upon skyscraper technology to make it feasible; and all the subsequent dreams of modern architects and city planners depended, at least to some extent, upon this basic decision: to satisfy the space requirements of a rapidly expanding population, one must go up, into the clouds.

Form Follows Fiasco is a polemic against modern architecture written by an accomplished modern architect. Clearly, not every modern building or watch or chair for that matter is a disaster. But Blake has designed over 50 modern buildings; written a paean to the modernist masters Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright; and edited Architectural Digest; so his defection is not to be taken lightly, and his indictments of are rooted in experience. Blake saves special vitriol for high-rise buildings—which he argues are tools of real-estate speculation—and the modernist architects who provide their aesthetic justification. Because of their height, high-rises are the best way to squeeze maximum rent out of every square foot of ground, but they tend to suck the life out of their vicinity.

Form Follows Fiasco: Why Modern Architecture Hasn't Worked [Peter Blake] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Offers a thorough indictment .
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