What does the bible say about santeria

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what does the bible say about santeria

The Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates

Tommy and Nathan Bishop are as different as two brothers can be. Carefree and careless, Tommy is the golden boy who takes men into his bed with a seductive smile and turns them out just as quickly. No one can resist him - and no one can control him, either. That salient point certainly isnt lost on his brother. Nathan is all about control. At thirty-one, he is as dark and complicated as Tommy is light and easy, and he is bitter beyond his years. While Tommy left for the excitement of New York City, Nathan has stayed behind, teaching high school English in their provincial hometown, surrounded by the reminders of their ruined family history and the legacy of anger that runs through him like a scar. Now, Tommy has come home to the family cottage by the sea for the summer, bringing his unstable, sexual powder keg of an entourage and the distant echoes of his familys tumultuous past with him.
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African Pantheons and the Orishas: Crash Course World Mythology #11

Seeing God among the Orishas

Jump to navigation. Even though they like to say that the sacrifices are effective today, they're wrong, because Jesus Christ already did clean our sins, and He did it once by His perfect sacrifice. So, we do not need any more blood sacrifices coming from animals today. Second, according to them their god, known as Olurun u Olodumare, is the spiritual energy of the universe. He is in everything alive including humans, animals, insects, etc. On the other hand, the one and only God of Christianity is a Spirit Jn.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

Voodoo is indeed real and it is practiced in many places in the U. Divination, witchcraft, and necromancy is clearly condemned in Scripture and there is no way of justifying rebellion. Did you know that some people even use voodoo to bring the dead back to life? Christians should never even think about practicing voodoo. We should always put our trust in God because He will handle all our problems. Evilness should never be an option for anyone.

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