What does the buyer tell kino about his pearl

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what does the buyer tell kino about his pearl

Quote by John Steinbeck: “It was supposed that the pearl buyers were indi...”

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How to Tell If a Pearl Is Real

Dec 9, The first pearl buyer lies to Kino and tells him the pearl is worthless. that its only worth is as a curiousity because it is too large. Rather than.

Essay about Pearl Study Guide

All rights reserved. La Paz is a gossip-ridden town. As such, everyone and their mother knows that Kino is going to sell his pearl today. It used to be, we are told, that the pearl buyers would try to outbid one another to buy a pearl. All the spectators stand around and talk about the things they would do if they had found the pearl, like buy world peace.

Why are the pearl buyers excited to buy a pearl at the lowest price even if they do not stand to profit directly from the sale? What does this reveal about human nature? The narrator explains that it is part of human nature for men to want to do their best, regardless of the nature of the task. How did the pearl divers try to get better prices for their pearls? What happened?

It was noted that the town was very much like a type of organism in the last chapter. Here again, Steinbeck begins this chapter by comparing the town to a larger unit, or organism, in which no single action is separate from any other. Only when one person deviates from the general pattern of the rest of the unit is there a significant change. In this chapter, Kino will step out of the known and trusted pattern of behavior; he will no longer be a part of the larger organism; as such, he will be more vulnerable to the enemy since he does not have the collective protection of the entire organism. Significantly, the entire town knows that Kino is going to sell his pearl today. This "organism" image is carried through and expanded to include the pearl buyers.

Before they open the large oyster that will yield the great pearl, Kino and Juana

Word spreads throughout the town of La Paz that Kino will be selling his great pearl. - Tina Chadha…. Be prepared to discuss these issues during class.

Answer: In the first chapter, it tells that there is a family consist of 3 people, which are Kino, Juana, and Coyotito. Coyotito, Kino and Juana son got stung by a scorpion, which force Kino to find something to pay a doctor to cured Coyotito from a poison. Doctor refused to cured Coyotito, since Kino and Juana doesn't seem to have enough money that he want, and he was quite racist about Kino nation. Notice that the townspeople follow Kino. What does that tell you? Answer: This means that most of people in town are curios about an outcome of Kino asking the doctor to cure a poison for his son.

Chapter 4 John Steinbeck. Then every unit communicates to the whole. And once it had been so. This was extravagant and not to be countenanced. The sun was quarter high when they were ready. Juan Tomas cautioned his brother. And, "Very careful," Kino agreed.

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