Bob marley quotes about marijuana

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bob marley quotes about marijuana

Marijuana Quotes (88 quotes)

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Published 19.12.2018

Bob Marley's view on smokin herb.

10 Bob Marley Quotes And Frases On Marijuana, Mentality and Truth

The iconic image of Reggae musician Bob Marley is a photograph of him smoking a large marijuana spliff. Why Marley smoked marijuana and what it meant to him and his music might not be what you think. Bob Marley smoked marijuana because he practiced the Rastafarian religion, wherein the use of "ganja," as it is called, is a holy sacrament. One feature of Rastafarianism that is often misrepresented is the ritual use of marijuana. Pious Rastas do not and should not use marijuana recreationally; instead, it is reserved for religious and medicinal purposes.

Forgot Password? No Account? Sign Up Here. He was a father, a Rastafarian, and maybe the single most influential reggae artist of all-time. He began his career in a band called the Wailers in , where he slowly grew to international fame.

On Feb. According to Reuters, Jamaicans remembered the musician with a jam session , and Marley's family is launched a " feel good social video movement " to honor Marley's vision of a better world. Many remember Marley for his public embrace of marijuana and his belief in its healing powers.
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Cannabis Resources and Guides

Cannabis has a plant unlike any other. Its medical benefits are getting increasingly well-documented by medical professionals. Medical marijuana usage has been linked to better mental health, better cancer survival rates , increased appetite, as well as a host of other positive perks. To a point, weed has always been a part of pop culture. And though you may have seen weed quotes or marijuana quotes from Bob Marley or Snoop Dogg, plenty of intellectuals have had a lot to say about this plant. Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.

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