Songs about freedom and equality

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songs about freedom and equality

Equality Quotes (1241 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

Bob Marley - redemption song

This song was dedicated by the artist to Ferguson, to help promote peace and support those fighting for racial equality in Mississippi. There are.

20 of your songs that changed the world

Throughout history, artists and songwriters have expressed a longing for equality and justice through their music. Before the U. Civil War, African-American slaves gave voice to their oppression through protest songs camouflaged as biblical spirituals. But perhaps in no other time in American history did popular music more clearly reflect the political and cultural moment than the soundtrack of the s—one that exemplified a new and overt social consciousness. That decade, a palpable energy slowly burned and intensified through a succession of events : the assassination of John F. Kennedy in , the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War. By the mids, frustration about the slow pace of change began to percolate with riots in multiple cities.

From the original protest songs of the civil rights movement to the charity singles raising money for those in need, for decades musicians have inspired change through their songs. The song had a major influence on American singer-songwriter Sam Cooke, who was so moved by the song he began to perform it as part of his live set. Speaking to the social and psychological struggles being experienced by the American youth, the song decried racism and a lack of social progress, encouraging people to fight back. Released: Record label: Commodore Most poignant lyric: Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees Interesting fact: The song was originally written as a poem by American writer and teacher Abel Meeropol after he saw a photograph of a lynching in a civil rights magazine. Learn more in our Privacy policy.

Count Your American Blessings

During Black History Month it is important to reflect and think about how much change is still needed since the Civil Rights movement in the s. To get inspired to continue to make a difference, take a look at these top civil rights songs you should have on your playlist rotation. This song is definitely empowering. This song was dedicated by the artist to Ferguson, to help promote peace and support those fighting for racial equality in Mississippi. This song is also a tribute to Michael Brown.

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  1. Throughout history one thing remains constant: anthems (aka songs about equality and freedom). When the going gets tough, the artists get to.

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