What is angels in america about

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what is angels in america about

Angels in America by Tony Kushner

In two full-length plays--Millennium Approaches and Perestroika--Kushner tells the story of a handful of people trying to make sense of the world. Prior is a man living with AIDS whose lover Louis has left him and become involved with Joe, an ex-Mormon and political conservative whose wife, Harper, is slowly having a nervous breakdown. These stories are contrasted with that of Roy Cohn (a fictional re-creation of the infamous American conservative ideologue who died of AIDS in 1986) and his attempts to remain in the closet while trying to find some sort of personal salvation in his beliefs.
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How Plays Work: Angels in America by Tony Kushner

Fighting illness and losing hope, Prior Walter is hesitant to become the prophet as demanded by the Angel. Perestroika is the thrilling conclusion to this epic tale of love, loss, and destiny. Poppa in Gypsy at Grosse Pointe Theater.
Tony Kushner

Why Is "Angels In America" Still The Most Prominent Story Being Told About AIDS?

Part winged creature and part radiant hag, the Angel looks like a creation of the illustrator Edward Gorey. Fear defined the times. Ronald Reagan was President; the Christian right, including the political-action group the Moral Majority, had helped get him there. The AIDS crisis had laid waste to thousands of people, but Reagan had never talked publicly about the disease. A powerful erection, for one. A seventeenth-century Londoner dressed in period costume, Prior 2 speaks about death in a plummy accent. During his lifetime, there was, for instance, Black Jack.

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Tony Kushner’s masterwork reminds us how sexuality dictates and shapes its own culture.

Sign in. Louis abandons a hospitalized Prior; Joe and Roy confide in each other over drinks. Later, Prior hears voices from his hospital bed while Louis solicits sex from strangers, and Joe makes a drunken Cohn is diagnosed with AIDS. He pushes Joe to take the job in Washington so he can help Cohn keep his job. Prior becomes more sick and goes to the hospital, Louis can't handle being there for him so A fight with Joe leaves Louis badly scarred; Roy plays a final practical joke on Ethel; Prior wrestles the Angel and then addresses a review board in Heaven; Harper heads out West; Prior, outliving

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  1. Angels in America focuses on the stories of two troubled couples, one gay, one straight: "word processor" Louis Ironson and his lover Prior Walter, and Mormon lawyer Joe Pitt and his wife Harper.

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