Books about second generation immigrants

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books about second generation immigrants

Second Generation (Lavette Family, #2) by Howard Fast

The second volume in the New York Times best-selling Immigrants saga. With the publication of The Immigrants, a most wonderful book, according to Harlan Ellison in the Los Angeles Times, Howard Fast once again proved himself to be one of Americas most popular authors. Now, in Second Generation, Fast continues the story of Dan Lavette, the young Italian who lost his parents but launched a stormy and brilliant career as a result of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. This latest chapter encompasses an even more dramatic sweep of history, from the Depression years to the close of World War II. The central figure is Barbara Lavette, the beautiful daughter of Dan and his aristocratic first wife, Jean. Troubled by the conflicts of her dual inheritance and scornful of her mothers social world, Barbara sets out to build her own life in her own way, a way that leads her to a Europe on the brink of Nazi terror, to love and tragedy, to the farthest reaches of a global war, and ultimately to a deeper understanding of herself....
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6 Things All Immigrant Kids Experience

YA 2018 Booklist: First-Generation Tales

But in our current atmosphere of political polarization, is it any wonder that many immigrant children feel excluded and isolated? In fact, research shows first- and second- generation immigrant children and teens can be at risk of experiencing identity crisis, self-depreciation, and low self-esteem due to intergenerational and intercultural conflicts. These young readers need books that show them that their experiences are not unique—and these books also carry the important potential of promoting general understanding of and tolerance toward immigrant groups. Khailova is an associate professor at the Founders Memorial Library, Northern Illinois University, serving as a humanities and social sciences subject specialist and coordinator of library services for persons with disabilities. Born in the Czech Republic, she came to the United States as a Fulbright grantee to study twentieth-century American literature and, subsequently, library and information science.

Twenty-five second-generation immigrants are featured in the book, which launched at the Halifax Central Library this week. Attalah, who hosted the panel discussion at the launch on Wednesday evening, says ISANS was overwhelmed with the number of participants nominated for the book. The 25 stories in the book feature second-generation immigrants, whose parents come from countries as diverse as Lebanon, Jamaica, and Vietnam. Gerald Bermundo is one of those stories. His parents arrived separately in Canada from the Philippines in , settling in Halifax. Growing up, Bermundo was a traditional dancer. He says attending a Filipino school for a few years helped him embrace his culture.

Home Fire does not fit exactly into the premise of this site, because the novel is about second-generation Pakistani-British people, rather than second-generation Americans which is my focus on this site. But I decided to review it because it speaks to important issues that are similar to both cultures. I can imagine Muslim-Americans going through similar difficulties as the characters in this novel. The jacket flap copy is misleading, because it gives the impression that this book is mainly about Isma, a Londoner who is starting graduate school in the U. The novel is based on the Greek tragedy Antigone. Like Antigone, Aneeka flouts the law of the land laid down by British Home Secretary Karamat that those who join terrorist groups abroad can never return to British soil. Isma, like Ismene, is inclined to want to obey the law, but also supports her sister.

We hear a lot about immigration in the news these days.
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While some of my students were born outside the United States, many of them were actually born here and are second-generation immigrants. One thing that can help second-generation immigrants feel supported and understood is reading the experiences of kids just like them. These five YA books tell the stories of second-generation immigrant teens with nuance and authenticity. Julia Reyes lives in a seedy Chicago neighborhood with her parents and her perfect sister Olga. When Olga is killed in an accident, Julia finds out that her sister was not the perfect daughter everyone thought she was.

First- and second-generation immigrants to the U. After her mother is detained by immigration officers, Fabiola Toussaint has to move from Haiti to Michigan alone, starting over with loud cousins, a new school, and an ache in her heart where her mother should be. Pan Little, Brown. Seventeen-year-old Evan Panos must figure out how to survive the abuse of his parents, Greek immigrants who expect him to be someone he is not. There, Darius learns that though he is Iranian to his high school classmates, he is American to his Iranian relatives.

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