Talk about dreams and ambitions

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talk about dreams and ambitions

Aspirations Quotes (206 quotes)

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Published 17.12.2018

Talking Tuesday: dreams and ambitions

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Forgive yourself, this isn't your fault, remember ambition comes from desire then that's a dream, but please go and see your doctor, talk with a.
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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. So one of the biggest struggles I have is that I can never really remember and still don't have any dreams.

Just like sleep, dreams are important too simply because they give our lives a meaning as well as direction. Without dreams, our lives would be like an aimless, lost ship on the sea. There is more to it. So if you want to learn more about the importance of dreams, then our comprehensive speeches on dreams would give you a fair understanding about the topic. There are both short speeches on dreams as well as long speeches on dreams that can be used as a good reference point for your written assignments or when it comes to preparing a brief for any occasion or event in your school, office, social function, etc.

If a person is very clear about his or her ambitions, everything else will follow. It will affect their actions and how they live their daily life. The one crucial thing though is the dream has to be realistic and attainable. For instance, a person cannot say he or she wants to be billionaire at the age of 30 without even starting anything. If the dream is as big as this, it does not happen without any effort or challenges. Remember that hard work pays off and one of the most important trait a person must have to achieve his or her dreams and ambitions is having a strong will towards that goal. There are setbacks, failures, and rejections along the way, but sticking with that dream is what will make the person successful.

Privacy Terms. Quick links. Writing about words about your dream or ambition. I also have a big ambition that i can get a full scholarship to go abroad. This dream of mine appeared on my mind when i was a child. I think that that studying abroad helps me widen knowledge more than studying in Vietnam. Developed countries have better education than developing countries and my parents also believe this, so they like me go abroad to study because they think that i can get a higher and more valuable certificate.

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