Interesting facts about john lee love

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interesting facts about john lee love

The Thirteenth Hour by John Lee

In the last weeks of World War II, Henry Bascom, an American OSS agent is trapped in the ruins of Berlin as the Soviet troops fight their way toward the Reich Chancellery building where Adolf Hitler and his remaining supporters await their fate. Bascom was part of a British Commando unit which had tried - and failed - to kidnap Hitler from his bunker below the Chancellery. With a wounded comrade to care for, Bascom is forced to take shelter in a ruined house where he encounters Erika, a young German woman who helps him and his colleague to survive in the war-torn German capital. Bascom becomes Erikas protector, and briefly, her lover. In England are some of the Commandos who escaped Berlin and made it through to the American lines. Incredibly they are told by their superiors never to speak of their failed mission or they will suffer for it. Bascoms senior colleagues in British Intelligence and the OSS are pretending that the mission never happened and that Bascom died in the line of duty somewhere other than Berlin. Meanwhile, a new secret weapon is being put into action by leading Nazi, Martin Bormann (who, in real life, was Adolf Hitlers private secretary), aided by Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller assisted by a group of SS men. This is a top secret operation which even Hitlers closest allies know nothing about. But Henry Bascom discovers the truth of what is to happen after he and Erika witness the funeral pyre of Hitler and Eva Braun in the garden of the Reich Chancellery. As Soviet troops move ever nearer to the centre of Hitlers power, the action jumps from the Fuhrerbunker to behind Soviet Army lines, to the ruins of Berlin and the horrors suffered by German civilians and the horrendous fighting between German & Red Army soldiers. It also details what is happening back in England and the strange behavior of a German U-boat off the Baltic coast. For a brief time, Bascom is even conscripted to fight with the German Volkssturm - the civilian army which comprised much of Berlins last ditch and utlimately hopeless defences. For most of the book, the suspense is kept up at a terrific pace and the experience of soldiers and civilians during the final days the Russian siege of Berlin is well documented, with a few shocks when the last Nazi secret weapon is finally revealed. The books epilogue combines a mixture of fact and fiction as to what happened to many of the storys characters.
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(2/22) #BlackHistoryMoment - Who is John Lee Love ?

3 Interesting facts about John Love is that In John Lee Love's invention the pencil is put into the opening of the sharpener and rotated by hand.
John Lee

John Lee Love facts for kids

September 26 , Died On : December 26 , John Lee Love perfection stretched to unknown places. Reinforcing inventing ideas was his best bet yet. He is mostly known for patenting portable pencil sharpener. The black inventor came to end the local needs of sharpening their writing tools with the knife or rotary blade sharpener.

John Lee Love Sept. Not much is known about his life, but he is remembered for two inventions, the other being a plasterer's hawk, which works much like an artist's palette for a plasterer or mason. In the pantheon of African-American inventors , Love is remembered for devising small things to make life easier. John Lee Love is believed to have been born on Sept. Not much else is known about Love's early days, including whether he had any formal schooling or what prompted him to tinker with and improve certain everyday objects. We do know that he worked almost his entire life as a carpenter in Fall River, Massachusetts and that he patented his first invention, an improved plasterer's hawk, on July 9, U. Patent No.

Born: Unknown. Circa [1]. Love's original occupation was a carpenter. His first invention was an improvement to plasterer's hawk. His design for the plasterer's hawk included a detachable handle and a folding aluminum board, making it portable and lightweight. Love later invented and patented a portable pencil sharpener called the Love Sharpener. In the patent application, it says the Love Sharpener could double as a paperweight or ornament.

Though these old-school rotary sharpeners looked super cool and intricate, they were cumbersome. While the hand-cranked sharpener uses a rotary system that shaves away thin slices of pencil until the pencil comes to a point, the Love Sharpener uses a single blade to shave the pencil. The Love Sharpener catches the pencil shavings and keeps them inside the device until you empty it out or expels them immediately.
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In , Lee patented a lightweight plasterer's hawk. In , he patented a portable pencil sharpener known as the "Love Sharpener. -




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  1. John Lee Love was an African-American inventor best known for patenting a portable pencil sharpener known as the "Love Sharpener." John Lee Love was a carpenter in Fall River, Massachusetts, who invented several devices. Little is known about the life of John Lee Love, the inventor.

  2. John Lee Love facts for kids. Kids Encyclopedia Facts. John Lee Love was an African-American inventor who created the first portable pencil sharpener.

  3. Biography of John Lee Love, Inventor of the Portable Pencil Sharpener. John Lee Love (Sept. 26, ?–Dec. 26, ) was a black inventor who developed the portable pencil sharpener, which he patented in "John Lee Love: Inventor of the Portable Pencil Sharpener.".

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