5 facts about lewis carroll

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5 facts about lewis carroll

Lewis Carroll: A Biography by Morton N. Cohen

I really enjoyed the start of this book, it began in chronological order, was interesting, well written and revealed insight into the beginnings of the man who wrote Alice in Wonderland. However, I felt it got drawn into the justification of Dodgsons behaviour towards children and only spiralled down from there. There was just so much in this, it was INCREDIBLY detailed, and i feel it just lost itself and became a jumbled mess of peoples names, letters and analysing all of his work. I took a break from reading this as I felt it became incredibly heavy, and just the longer I put it down, the less I wanted to pick it back up again- Ultimately my drive to leave no book unfinished made me set out to finish what I started. I feel if you have a big interest in this man, then this certainly is an interesting read, but to me who couldnt care either way, it was just a mess of facts and ultimately I kind of found his entire life boring. I felt like the author was trying to make you think kindly of him, and perhaps view him as stuck as a child himself, however I just do not feel at least bit interested in Dodgson and his life.
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The Messed Up Origins of Alice in Wonderland (Pt. 1) - Disney Explained - Jon Solo

Lewis Carroll Facts

This year also marks the sesquicentennial of Alice. Carroll suffered from chronic migraines, and epilepsy, stammering, partial deafness, and ADHD. Carroll had his productivity down to a science: he could write 20 words a minute, a page of words in seven and a half minutes, and 12 pages in two and a half hours. He was a big letter writer, sometimes corresponding upwards of 2, times in one year, and he would sometimes write backwards, forcing the reader to hold the letter to a mirror to decipher. Carroll first told the story of Alice to the Liddell girls on July 4, , while Independence Day was being celebrated across the pond.

In addition to being an author, Dodgson also possessed qualities of a logician, mathematician, Anglican deacon and photographer. Dodgson was the master of creating fantasy and highly acclaimed for his sharp skills at word play and logic. Dodgson was born on January 27, at Daresbury, Cheshire. He was the third child of his parents and was followed by eight more. He attended the Richmond Grammar School while contributing prose, poetry and drawings to a series of family magazines. Struggling with a stammer condition throughout his childhood, Dodgson moved to Rugby School in Leaving Rugby in , he completed his matriculation from Christ Church, Oxford in and continued studying there obtaining residency in early

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Toggle navigation. Lewis was the oldest boy of 11 children born to his parents, and because of his father's church activities he was raised in a spacious rectory in North Yorkshire. Lewis was homeschooled until he was 12 years old, at which time he was sent to Richmond Grammar School. Lewis went on to be educated at Oxford and received high honors in mathematics. His literary career supposedly began as the result of a picnic, where he told a young girl named Alice, a story.

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