Frank ocean quotes about life

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frank ocean quotes about life

Frank Ocean Quotes (Author of Boys Dont Cry)

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Published 16.12.2018

Frank Ocean: How An Accomplished Writer Became A Reclusive Superstar

Frank Ocean Quotes

Don't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are. Work hard in silence, let success be your noise. Just remember; someone loves everything you hate about yourself. When you're happy you enjoy the music, but when you're sad you understand the lyrics. Never run back to what broke you.

Birthday October 28, Nationality United States Of America.
who is a radical person

“Those who are heartless, once cared too much.”Frank Ocean

If today feels like the greatest day you've had in quite some time, chances are you bought Frank Ocean's highly anticipated album, Blonde , and have been listening to it non-stop. The album was delayed for quite some times, and that time spent working clearly paid off, judging by the lyrics to Ocean's Blonde songs, which are seriously on point. - Music for when you're sad, anxious, lonely, contemplative, drunk, hungover, happy and nostalgic.

We've spent enough time with both sublime projects to isolate the best lyrics—of which there are tons. From "Godspeed": There will be mountains you won't move Still I'll always be there for you. From "Seigfried": I can't relate to my peers I'd rather live outside I'd rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here. From "Nights": Every night fucks every day up Every day patches the night up. From "Solo": I'm skippin showers and switchin socks, sleepin good and long Bones feelin dense as fuck, wish a na would cross. From "Nikes": We'll let you guys prophesy We'll let you guys prophesy We gon' see the future first. From "Nikes": I may be younger but I'll look after you We're not in love but I'll make love to you When you're not here I'll save some for you I'm not him but I'll mean somethin to you.

Log in Sign up. Real talk True Frank ocean quotes girlfriends realationship realshit. You wanna know why? Frank Ocean Frank Ocean quotes jealous type im the jealous type jealousy quotes just friends i love you. Frank Ocean Frank Ocean Quotes trill fashion gucci love unrequited love. My personality is who I am.

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  1. Quotations by Frank Ocean, American Musician, Born October 28, This has always been my life and no one else's, and that's how it's always been since .

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