Books about weird small towns

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books about weird small towns

Small Town Horror (57 books)

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10 Scary & Strange Small Town Stories (Vol. 12)

Books shelved as creepy-towns: House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy, It by Stephen (shelved 2 times as creepy-towns) Come Little Children (Paperback ) by.
Stephen King

Top 10 books about strange towns

He knows much more of the fierce variety and uncompromising divergences of men. Tales of small town living can take a range of paths. On one end, you have stories that are like snow globes capturing the nostalgic idyll of small town living offering simpler, or better, times. On the other end, there are stories that unmask the romanticism of small town simplicity as a shallow facade, barely hiding long-running unhappiness, secrets, or outright corruptions. She uses Amgash, Illinois as a keyhole into the inner hearts of its inhabitants, and in turn uses them as a keyhole into the inner hearts of us all. It is something that all small town fiction, whether optimistic or cynical, does to one degree or another. Which brings us back to our friend G.

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Adorable home-town spirit? Vague, unsettling sense of menace?

Loved IT and Stranger Things 2 , but now find you're in need of new entertainment? I've got 11 small-town horror novels that will make you think twice about coming home again. These books are scarier than any holiday dinner with your family, so grab your security blanket and a flashlight, and get ready to read past your bedtime. Have you ever noticed that almost no scary stories are set in the big city? Think about it: Dracula , The Island of Doctor Moreau , Rebecca , The Haunting of Hill House — all of these stories isolate their narrators in creepy houses and remote locales before pitting them against dark forces.

I want to live in cities, but I want to explore towns. Fictional towns often allegorise whole nations, whole eras. On his way home for a holiday, he gets stuck in Bundanyabba: a dusty, alcohol-soaked mining town whose locals want nothing more than to get our hero very drunk. Which he does, before mowing down kangaroos in the surrounding outback. The Indigenous Australian communities are at odds with one another, and in turn at odds with the white population. The urbanites in Brisbane want to rename it Masterton. The small town in Satantango is in a state of near ruin, with most inhabitants having fled for less muddy, less miserable pastures.

Everyone loves a quirky town made up of peculiar but lovable characters with an ironclad sense of community. I want to live in a place where no one has aged in two hundred years because of a curse, or where the town square is actually a portal to another dimension. You know, something. Here are five YA novels with towns ranging from the goofy and eccentric to the straight-up magical. Add to Bag. But in the tiny desert town of Madison, Nevada, wishes do come true: each of the locals gets one on their eighteenth birthday. Eldon, our protagonist, is on the brink of receiving his wish and finally joining the ranks of his peers who have wished themselves richer, more beautiful, more popular.

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  1. Brad Tyer's Opportunity, Montana is a moving, entertaining, and a truly remarkable debut about one tiny town and its recovery from an environmental catastrophe.

  2. Top 10 books about strange towns The small town in Satantango is in a state of near ruin, with most inhabitants having fled for less muddy.

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