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Bailey, No Ordinary Cat by Erin Merryn

For fans of Grumpy Cat and Cats on Instagram theres a new cat in town—Bailey, No Ordinary Cat—of the Facebook name, is a special cat with a growing fan base, garnering over 2 million views on Ellens Instagram and videos that have been shared by Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, and more.

What makes Bailey more addictive than catnip? In addition to his adorable expressions and his hilarious, heartfelt antics, Bailey has a penchant for doing things that are characteristically uncatlike—things like taking bubble baths (and enjoying them), sitting attentively in a chair and being read to (for hours), getting a pet-icure, and his unending patience while co-raising his human siblings Abby and Hannah (yes, there is photographic evidence that Bailey helped with potty-training).

If you have a cat you know how independent they are. Bailey, No Ordinary Cat celebrates the unique quirky spirit of this unforgettable feline through four-color photographs and captions from the voice of Bailey himself. Cat lovers will be delighted to peek into the life of their favorite celebrity cat with the huge eyes, huge heart, and huge personality—and an ever-growing following.

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Why All Secret Society Members READ Books! And 100% Of Them Are RICH

and meet your next favorite book! Popular Secret Societies Books. The Da Vinci The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ.
Erin Merryn

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It follows Etta, a young violin prodigy who accidentally discovers she can travel through time. After she finds herself on a ship in , she and a mysterious privateer named Nicholas embark on a quest to find a coveted object before a secret society does. Her life should revolve around gowns, dancing, and securing a suitable marriage. With her latest novel, Ruth Sepetys once again delves into a little-known corner of history: the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. A shockingly unsung casualty of World War II, this is the single greatest maritime disaster in history — far deadlier than the tragedies of the Titanic and the Lusitania combined — but remains largely unfamiliar in our collective consciousness. Oh, and there's a love story, so it's like the YA book version of Titanic.

Anticipating new fantasy novels is one of my favorite activities, right behind reading them. For more fantasies to add to your stack, check out our new and forthcoming previews, including sequels, anthologies, and more! See all previews here. Add to Bag. She both despises the fey and longs to be accepted by them, and sees becoming a warrior as her only path forward. And that ending! Be prepared for serious withdrawal.

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He just knows how to figure out the right answer, you know? Magic is real. Redondo is the last of a group called the Order of the Majestic, who defend magic from The Invisible Hand, a group that seeks to control magic — and the world. Could Joey be the next great hope for a renewed Order of the Majestic? This is the first book in a new series. We have two ancient societies battling one another over power — is it good versus evil?

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  1. 46 books based on 19 votes: The Disreputable History of Frankie Boarding school & college secret societies in YA/teen fiction (think Skull.

  2. The dark shadows of mystery, the veiled threat of it all, the unseen attacker — it sets a spinechilling stage for any thriller.

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