Short story about my cat

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short story about my cat

The Cat in the Window: And Other Stories of the Cats We Love by Callie Smith Grant

People love their pets--cats more so than any other (or so the cats would like to think). And if there is anything cat-lovers enjoy almost as much as stroking their beloved feline friends, its reading about cats. In the tradition and style of her previous smash hits, Callie Smith Grant brings readers a brand-new collection of uplifting stories about the amazing creatures that warm our hearts--and our laps! With stories from Melody Carlson, Jill Eileen Smith, Robert Benson, Kathi Lipp, and many others, The Cat in the Window offers the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch with a furry friend.
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Will and Guy's Collection of Cat Stories for Children Cat Stories for Children. We have The shrewd monkey replied, 'This is my fee for sorting out the problem.'.
Callie Smith Grant

Cat’s Day Out – A Short Story for Kids [SHORT STORY]

I am a cat. I am a cat who loves stories. My typist, Mrs. My favorite words are cat, fat, sat, hat, mat and dog. Hodges told me she needed story ideas from a cat. So I am helping her. Get our free ten-step guide to becoming a writer.

We have lots of tales about moggies; some are true stories, while others have been written specially for kids. Once upon a time two cats found a piece of cheese and cut it into two pieces. Now, one piece was slightly bigger than the other. Naturally, both the cats wanted the bigger piece. The monkey said, 'Don't worry. I'll make both the pieces equal. Then it took a bite from the bigger piece.

My cat, like all cats, was an awesome cat. I could regale you all for hours with silly little stories about how he'd play with his toys, how he'd do wonderful cat-things like knocking items off tables, lounging on important papers, and sleeping upwards of 37 hours a day - all while looking regal, majestic, and fully in charge of the household. I could inundate you with gigs of pictures of my cat as well - thousands of images, in most of which he looks perturbed or upset for some reason, but also many where he's far more adorable than any human babies I've seen. I could do all that, but I won't. Instead, I want to share why my cat was special to me.

Never be short of Short Kid Stories!

An unstable narrator tells of how alcoholism and an increasing short temper led him to harm his pet black cat — with devastating results for everyone not least the cat. To say any more than this would be to risk mentioning spoilers…. Imagine being trapped in a cage with a giant jaguar, which you know is going to start taking a ravenous interest in you sooner or later. This is the setup for this nail-biting story by the master storyteller and creator of Sherlock Holmes. Few short story writers have written so well about children and animals, but Hector Hugh Munro , better known as Saki, could write about both.

Once upon a time there was a cat. Her name was Pussy. She used to live in a small, beautiful house in a village. It was summer and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. She came out of her house and took out her red-colored car. She started driving towards the beach. Can you drop me to the market please?

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  1. YOU ARE READING. all about my cat. Short Story. bella the cat is very crazy she loves swimming but shes very mischeveus she meets a cat i call it bell how will.

  2. The following cat stories have been submitted by the many cat lovers who visit this site every day.

  3. One day a good friend of mine calls me and asks me if i wanted a kitten. I quickly jumped the gun and said yes. When i went to pick up the cat he was so small.

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