Fun facts about christmas in south africa

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fun facts about christmas in south africa

The Fault in Our Stars Trivia

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Published 13.12.2018


By Anouk Zijlma.

Christmas in South Africa

Our nation is called the Rainbow Nation because we have a diversity of races, languages eleven to be exact and traditions. The big difference is that we are in summer when it is Christmas. The schools are on their summer break, and most companies also close for Christmas and New Year. People go on holiday, to the ocean or camping inland. Most people have a Christmas tree, a green fake one, and decorate it with baubles, tinsel and handmade decorations.

December falls during the summertime in South Africa. Therefore instead of dreaming of a white Christmas, people enjoy hot weather and beautiful, blooming flowers. It is also the perfect time for a braai , or barbeque. For example, they enjoy mince pies, originally from England, and Malva pudding, a traditional South African dessert with Dutch origins. Another tasty treat are braaibroodjies —toasted cheese sandwiches. Friends and family converge at these social gatherings to spend time and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones! Learn how to make braaibroodjies below!


On this day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The date is traditional and is not considered to be the actual date of his birth. The story of Christ's birth has been handed down for centuries, based primarily on the Christian Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Historians differ about when Christians first began celebrating the Nativity of Christ. Most scholars, however, believe that Christmas originated in the 4th century as a Christian substitute for the pagan Festival of Saturn celebrations of the winter solstice. Christmas is the only remaining Christian event which virtually the whole world acknowledges. Albeit it is celebrated world wide, it has largely lost its Christian character and is now often focused on goodwill and celebration with friends and family.

South Africans celebrate Christmas a bit differently in South Africa from other parts of the world, but the celebrations and festive spirit is similar. In short, Christmas in South Africa is all about the outdoors, food, friends and family. Christmas in South Africa is celebrated right in the middle of summer, so there is no such thing as a white Christmas. Christmas celebrations in South Africa start off with presents on Christmas morning, which is on the 25th December, followed by a traditional Christmas dinner or braai in the afternoon. The casual setting allows for invitations to be extended to friends of friends, and even to complete strangers. As in most other countries, South Africans celebrate Christmas with a cooked dinner shared among family and friends.

For those spending their first Christmas in South Africa, here is our guide to the festive season — South African style. Although Christmas in South Africa is has marked differences from Christmas in the rest of the world, the actual celebrations and festive spirit are pretty similar. One major difference is that in South Africa Christmas is celebrated in the middle of summer. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and everything is alive. All that vitality is brought to life even more by the festive mood of the people. The decorations, markets, carolers and Christmas dinner which in South Africa is more of an outdoor lunch help you get into the Christmas spirit.

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