Looxcie bluetooth headset camera combo

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looxcie bluetooth headset camera combo

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Published 23.12.2018

Looxcie LX2 Wearable Video Cam & Bluetooth Headset Demonstration

Looxcie LX1 Wearable Camcorder Review

That's right it's my guide to help you with you holiday shopping for the gadget lover freak on your list. The way this thing started was each year towards the holiday season all my friends started asking me and emailing about what my picks were in various categories and of course the answers were usually the same. So I decided to compile a list and just email it to the folks that asked. Once again I've put together a Holiday Gadget Gift Guide to help you pick out gifts for the techies and gadget lovers on your gift list. I've chosen Amazon. Another advantage is that I can continue to add things that come up all the way up to the final days of the holiday season.

Imagine if a runner can wear a camcorder and heart rate monitor on races or during training runs. Capture what the runner is seeing as they run and monitoring their heart rate and other vitals. Runners, coaches, trainers, and medical professionals can study the point-of-view POV videos in addition to the ones they normally take with high speed cameras and help the runners with their running form and any other inefficiencies. For example, with good running form, the runner should run in a tall and upright posture and with a slight forward lean. They should also lead with their chest and keep their head up while looking forward to the horizon.

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Welcome to the World of Looxcie (LX2)

Warhol was only half-right. Sure everyone is famous these days, but only for 15 seconds and in 15 fps. At least that's what the Looxcie, a wearable video camera, presumes. Integrated into a flashy Bluetooth headset, the device is meant for capturing happenstance moments where whipping out a phone or cheap portable camcorder may not suffice. It also pairs with a mobile app that transforms your cell phone into a viewfinder, in case you want to frame specific shots. Still, it's not for documentary films, just quick clips up to 4-GB of 'em.

The bluetooth sync with my Nexus One is sometimes temperamental, but I can usually get it to work by either power cycling the Looxcie or turning off and on the Bluetooth on my phone. The small red light can be easily blocked by a small black sticker. That is helpful for timing use of the moments button, but a bit annoying when using for long periods of time. I have used the Looxcie while doing street photography, particularly when getting photos of police and protesters. They focus on my Nikon, and not my bluetooth headset. Pros

Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. Just wear Looxcie, let it point where you look, and it captures what you see. Press the Live button to stream instantly to friends and family. Or press the Instant Clip button, and Looxcie instantly uploads the last 30 seconds of what happened to Facebook, iCloud, Twitter, YouTube, or email via your smartphone.

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