Bring me a bongo review

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bring me a bongo review

The Little World of Humongo Bongo by George A. Romero

When everything is easily crushable under well-meaning feet, how can a Humongo ever fit in in such a little world?

From the creator of The Night of the Living Dead and the Zombie movement that permeates our culture today, comes a sarcastic and cynical childrens tale of different creatures trying to coexist in a benign, yet power-hungry environment. In line with Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince, The Little World of Humongo Bongo is a beautiful metaphor on the evolution of our civilization, depicted with humour and simplicity.

Featuring illustrations by Romero himself, welcome to a zany little world captured by the lens of one of the world’s visionary film creators.

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Mazda Bongo Camper Van Auto-Free Top tour and review

Camper van on a budget

All advice is given in good faith and believed to be correct but is followed at you own risk. Factsheets are at the bottom of this page. I need space! So I'm selling 2 Bongos that need work. Both are 2.

It sort of crept up on us slowly. Camping — love it. Packing and unpacking the endless paraphenalia — not so keen. And then I met a friend who had a campervan. She talked about how quickly they could go from making the decision to camp to pulling off the driveway on their way for a weekend.

Motorhome travel guides

Rob Hawkins looks at what can go wrong with a Mazda Bongo Friendee or a Ford Freda — so you can not only buy a good camper van, but head off trouble with a bit of general maintenance. The Mazda Bongo and its sister vehicle, the Ford Freda, were never officially imported to the UK, but were numerous in Japan during the s.

Summer stretches ahead, which means one thing: it's time to get the Mazda Bongo back on the road. This is good news for my eight-year-old son George, for whom it proved an unparalleled hit when I bought it a year ago. The quest for a camper van of some sort began when George started looking enthusiastically at "those houses on wheels". As he put it, "We could go anywhere and just stop when we wanted to play. Buying a Mazda Bongo was not so straightforward, however.

Columb Major, Nr. Bringing Quality Campervans to Cornwall Out of hours appointments available, phone The Mazda Bongo is one of the most practical, pre-owned import vehicles on the market with many different options for layout and specification. See our 'Mazda Bongo' page for full details. The Mazda Bongo Company makes buying a Campervan easy and hassle free. From eight seater MPVs through to fully converted campers, whatever your requirements The Bongo Company have extensive experience spanning over fifteen years in the import market.

Moderator: Doone. Quick links. Logout Register. Not sure how you access to kitchen area from inside the van as the rear seats seem to be in the way. Does anyone have this conversion coupled with an AFT?

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