Joey pigza loses control plot summary

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joey pigza loses control plot summary

Joey Pigza Loses Control (Joey Pigza, #2) by Jack Gantos

Joey Pigza really wants his six-week visit with his dad to count, to show him hes not as wired as he used to be, to show his dad how much he loves him. But Carter Pigzas not an easy guy to love. Hes eager to make it up to Joey for past wrongs and to show him how to be a winner, to take control of his life. With his coaching, Joeys even learned how to pitch a baseball, and hes good at it. The trouble is, Joeys dad thinks taking control means giving up the things that keep Joey safe. And if he wants to please his dad, hes going to have to play by his rules, even when the rules dont make sense.
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Joey Pigza loses control chapter 1 part 1

Joey Pigza Loses Control

Rate this book. Buy This Book. As if Joey didn't get into enough trouble in his unforgettable debut, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key , Gantos has him wig out again in this sad, scary, blackly funny sequel A tragic tale in many ways, but a triumph too. Ages 11 and up.

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Joey Pigza Loses Control is the story of a young boy suffering from the widely known Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD) The.
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Joey Pigza Loses Control. He reveals to the reader some of his exploits that occur whenever he has that crazy feeling inside. Joey currently lives with his mom and his Chihuahua, Pablo.

Title: Joey Pigza Loses Control. This is a novel about a boy named Joey. Joey does not know much about his father but he soon finds out a lot about his father when spending a whole summer with him. During the summer Joey and his father spend together, Joey meets his grandma and gets a glimpse of what his father is really like. While with his father, he learns of his hidden talent as a baseball pitcher. While with his father, his father decides that Joey can do without his ADD medicine patch. Joey quickly spirals out of control and has a difficult time controlling himself and his actions.

This realistic fiction book was published in the year and describes the challenging life of young Joey suffering from an attention deficit disorder. Joey Pigza Loses Control is the story of a young boy suffering from the widely known Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder. During the road trip, Joey wonders about all kinds of things revolving around what to expect from his dad. He started thinking about the good things I wanted to happen. Carter teaches Joey the importance of taking control over his own life, and how to be a true winner. Joey becomes increasingly fearful that things will go wrong like they did in the past, and although just a young boy, his father makes dangerous decisions.

Sign up for our newsletters! He wears patches that help him relax so he can make the right choices for himself and behave calmly. He also goes to a special-ed class at school. But when school lets out for summer, Joey has the chance to do something different: meet his dad for the first time in many years. Joey's parents are divorced. But she does allow Joey to spend the summer with his father, even though she's not convinced it's a good idea.

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